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  Outgoing Exchange Program

We support KMUTT students to participate in the student exchange program which is a great way to experience another education system. It’s not just about study. KMUTT students will build integrative learning skills, multi-cultural competencies, practical knowledge, self-confidence and lifelong friendships with people in different countries. Meanwhile, they can highlight their exchange experience in job interviews and on resume in a very competitive job market.

      Types of Exchange :
        -   Short-term research for 1-3 months
Study in any courses with credit transfer for 1 semester or 1 academic year*
        -   Study in cultural courses for 6-12 months
The course credits to be transferred have to be approved by Faculty before applying for the Exchange Program.
        Eligibility Criteria :

Be KMUTT undergraduate or postgraduate student with completion of at least one full-time year of study.
Have average to above average academic results.
Have suitable standard of English proficiency required by the host university.

        Number of Exchange Student :
          1-2 student(s)/ university/ year
        Cost :
Student has to pay no tuition fee at the host university but continue to pay the fee at KMUTT. Travel and living expenses have to be borne by the exchange students.
        Scholarship :
Scholarships are available for the exchange program in some universities.
        Partner institutions :
          KMUTT runs high quality student exchange program with many leading institutions in many parts of the world. A list of our partners is available here
        Application Steps :
  1. Follow up the announcement on KMUTT website (Campus page) and IA website (IA news page).
  2. Visit the partner’s website to find out or review the courses you may like to study during your time at the partner institutions.
  3. Fill in KMUTT Outgoing Exchange Application Form and/ or other required documents.
  4. Consult your advisor about course registration. This is to make sure that the credits taken at the partner institutions can be accepted and transferred back to KMUTT.
  5. Submit KMUTT Outgoing Exchange Application Form, along with other required documents to your department.
  6. Your department will screen out and submit the application package to KMUTT International Affairs - IA.
  7. IA will select and nominate eligible students to the partner institutions for their final consideration.
  8. IA will announce the result to the department and students.
  9. If accepted, students have to re-consult with their advisor on registration, while feel free to discuss on immigration and other administrative matters with IA.
  10. Fly to explore your new invaluable experience.
        Application Deadline :

The deadline is different depending on each partner’s management.