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  Various opinions from Exchange Students

Mr. Samuel Dormer; an incoming exchange student from the University of Central England, U.K.

‘… It has been a wonderful experience to work along side the Thai students and to see how differently they work, from model making and sketch work to presentation techniques. It has been interesting for me to work with bamboo in my main project and I feel I have gained some invaluable experience…’
Mr. Teemu Kristian Siitonen; an incoming exchange student from the Jyvaskyla Polytechnic, School of Information Technology, Finland
‘… I firstly chose to study at KMUTT in Thailand because of my interest in Asian culture. Incidentally, while studying at KMUTT, I had to wear the KMUTT uniform instead of my free style uniform for cold weather at JP which was my new experience. I made many good friends and really enjoyed staying in Thailand. My one-year in the country changed my life permanently and I will never forget all the good things…’
Mr. Magnus Fallenius; an incoming exchange student from the Lund University (LU), Sweden
‘…KMUTT was the only university in Thailand that has signed an MOU with LU, thus it was a perfect opportunity to spend time in Thailand as an exchange student. LU and KMUTT had totally different rules. At LU, there were not any rules that the students have to attend class and also they did not have so much homework. Instead, the LU students had a final test in every subject which meant that the more you attended classes, the easier you passed the exam…’
Ms. Sasithorn Koosuwanvichitr; an outgoing exchange student to the Kanazawa University, Japan
‘… While I saw many strange & new matters, I missed my Roon-Nong a lot. I want to persuade them to join the student exchange program because of valuable experience. Additionally, being alone aboard makes me know how to have self-planning (normally I never had any plans). But while I stayed here, I have to plan for money & time management. Moreover, I have good opportunity to exchange ideas with foreigners. Then, I knew that what are their habits, custom, tradition and culture. I have more colorful nationality friends. So cool!. …’
Mr. Shang-En (Sam) Lu; a Taiwanese outgoing exchange student to the University of Bremen, Germany.
‘…I always wanted to attend an exchange program; I knew it was one way for me to see other part of the world. And it was true, attending University Bremen really open my vision. The experience was really a step stone for my life. I had a chance to meet with a lot of people, and see another part of the world. The exchange program really allows students to learn and exchange knowledge with people from other parts of the world, and that is an experience of a lifetime…’