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  Life at KMUTT
KMUTT consists of three campuses, housing different faculties and research centers. Our main campus is only 25 minutes drive from downtown Bangkok (depending on traffic!!) and offers our students the tranquility of a green environment. KMUTT is an example of a campus that has it all: a positive and encouraging learning environment and a comfortable surrounding for students to relax and enjoy their collegiate experience.
        Student activities :

One of the most important factors of student activity is to bring the students together and learn from different cultures. There are many such activities which students can participate in, like the basic Thai class, study visits, cultural tour, New Year and Christmas party, various sports events and many more organized by different schools and departments.

        Facilities Services :

KMUTT aims to maintain and enhance its high quality learning, living and working environment for all students. All facilities are regularly upgraded to achieve high-quality standards that allow students to successfully conduct their research and to facilitate their learning experience on campus.
All KMUTT students will have full access to the university’s facilities.  Some of these include the computer center, wireless network, newly-renovated state-of-the-art library, health service and sports complex (gymnasium, basketball court, football field, table tennis court, tennis court, etc.). There are also bookstores, several Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and a post office  inside the university. In addition, the International Affairs Office is conveniently located in the central campus to offer services to all exchange students.

        Transportation :

As a medium-size campus, it is very convenient for our student to walk from one building to another. However, we do provide a free bus service to and from our Bangkhuntien Campus, which houses the School of Architecture and Design and the School of Bioresources and Technology.
Traveling around Bangkok is easy with many means of transportation to choose from: buses, vans, taxis, motorcycles, tuk-tuks (the famous three-wheelers), taxi boats, BTS Sky Train, or MRT Metro. The cost for pubic transportation varies depending on your destination and the type of transportation you choose to use. In addition, KMUTT’s main campus is only 45 minutes from the Suvannabhumi International Airport.

        Accommodation :

On-campus accommodation is available for students should you make such request. Students can choose to stay in a two-person sharing room, three-person sharing room or four-person sharing room. The cost of the room depends on your preference (fan or air-conditioned). Please visit to learn more about our on-campus.
However, most of our international students choose to live off-campus. The low cost of living in Thailand allows for a good-quality affordable apartment although the cost may be slightly higher than living on campus. The cost ranges from 2,500-10,000 baht per month depending on housing conditions and locations.

        Food :

On-campus cafeterias and canteens offer food at a reasonable price. The price ranges from 25 baht to 50 baht per meal. Convenient stores are located around campus making it possible for students to grab a bite before going to class. You can also purchase snacks from our newly-renovated library Coffee Shop.
Although many restaurants around KMUTT only offer Thai food, you can visit shopping malls not too far away from campus, where there is a variety of food such as American, Japanese, Chinese and Korean available for you to order.