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    Why choose KMUTT?  
  Excellent teaching facilities :
We have excellent lecturers and professors who are products from the renowned universities from around the world. We have highly equipped laboratory with international standard for better teaching facility. We have internationally and culturally diverse curriculum.
  One of the nine National Research Universities:

KMUTT: Professionalism and Integrity
Commitment to becoming a learning oriented institute with technological and research excellence that produces talented and quality graduates for the pride of Thailand and the people.
KMUTT is committed to becoming a specialized university in engineering and technology with focus on learning, technological and research excellence, producing talented and creative minded graduates and gaining international acceptance. KMUTT’s 2020 roadmap focuses on 3 main areas: 1. Graduates must be a good leader and global citizen. 2. Ability to become the just-in-time knowledge provider. 3. Internationalization to achieve above goals.
Under KMUTT’s learning society and group research-oriented management, we have set forth a development strategy for each research group to achieve world-class excellence within 10 years (2010-2019): stage 1 from 2010-2012, stage 2 from 2016-2019. Clusters during the first stage consist of basis group that achieves tangible performance during the past 10 years.  The next cluster to be developed is the technology group or platform. And the last group of newly developed body of knowledge, the plan is to accomplish it within 10 years.

Subjects with Research Strength from Scopus’s International database.
  • Engineering
  • Material Sciences
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Agriculture and Biological Sciences
  • Energy
  • Environmental Sciences
    Targeted Research Initiatives of Each University
  • Energy and World Environmental System
  • Material Sciences and Material Engineering
  • Biological Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Sciences
  • Production and Automation Systems
  • Science, Engineering and Information Technology Calculations

Article ‘National Research University Initiative: An Innovation of Thai Higher Education’
From THE NATION: Thursday, September 3, 2009

  Excellence in Research and academic performance :
We have been ranked top five (5) in research and top Ten (10) in academic performances by the Ministry of Education in Thailand. We have high quality learning experience in small scale supportive environment.

  Honorary awards :

2011: Ranked 1st of Research Institutes (CR: country Ranking) by SCImago Institutions Ranking (SIR World Report 2011: Normalized Impact Report)
2011:  Ranked 933th of the world and 8th among Thai universities by Webometrics
2010: One of the nine National Research Universities by the Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand
2010: Ranked as Excellent in Technology under an academic research assessment of Thai higher institutions by Thailand Research Fund (TRF)
2010:  Ranked 17th of World Green Metric University by UI Green metric Ranking of World Universities 2010, University of Indonesia, Indonesia
2010: Ranked 4th of Research in Physical Sciences by SCImago Institutions Ranking (SIR World Report 2010: Global Ranking)
2006: Ranked 982th of the world, 22nd of ASEAN and 10th among Thai universities by Webometrics
2005: Top Five in Research and Top Ten in Teaching by the Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand
2000: Ranked 33th of Science and Technology Universities in ASIA by Asiaweek Magazine
1999:  Ranked 33th of Science and Technology Universities in ASIA by Asiaweek Magazine

  Global Partnerships :
We have a very strong partnership with renowned universities around the globe. We have many joint research programs, exchange programs and others with international standard around the world. We also have twinning programs with various renowned universities.

  Standard facilities of the University :
We have highly equipped facilities used for teaching. The library has been maintaining a standard required for students from all the faculties. It is highly equipped with new technologies to help students learn easily. The computer centre also has a standard facility provided to the students for better access to learning environment.
  Range of Programs :
We have around 135 fields of study offered at KMUTT. It includes Undergraduate courses, Master’s and Doctoral degree. We have Thai Programs (taught in Thai) and English programs (taught in English). All the programs are full-time course. The timing of the course has been divided into day-time course, evening course, and weekend course.

1   Location and lifestyle at KMUTT :
    We have four campuses located in the perfect environment for teaching and learning. The main campus (Bangmod) is located in a beautiful area, which is only 25 minutes drive from downtown Bangkok. Second campus (Bangkhuntein) is located in a sub-urban area, which is 40 minutes drive from the main campus; there are university vans available from the main campus to Bangkhuntien campus. The third campus (Rajaburi province) is located in western part of Thailand. In addition, we also have one city center; so-called KMUTT Learning Square. It is located in the heart of Bangkok (Sathorn road), which is convenient for students living and working in centre of Bangkok.