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    Types of Students  
  Generally, the students in KMUTT are classicfied into 3 types :
    1. Regular students
2. Exchange students
3. Non-Degree students
  Regular students :
This type of students is those who consecutively register to take full-time study for degree; bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree at KMUTT. They have to apply through the online application managed by the Admission Division.
  Exchange students :
This type of students is those who are full-time Undergraduate or Graduate of KMUTT’s sister universities only. The credits earned at KMUTT can be transferred back to their home institutions. Please visit KMUTT Incoming Exchange Program for more details.

  Non-Degree students :
This type of students is those who apply to study with the purpose of no degree grant. The credits earned at KMUTT may be transferred back but under the consideration of their host institutions. Please contact for the application process.